Welcome to my agency website which reflects my wide ranging interest in the arts. My agency began when I was requested to represent a number of musicians and over a number of years this evolved into a large international agency which included many distinguished musicians as well as the two artists I continue to work with, but was sadly brought to an end by illness. Although I now have to limit my work, I am delighted to continue representing two distinguished painters, with whom I have collaborated for many years and for whom I have arranged numerous exhibitions. These have included a hugely successful touring exhibition  “Spirit of Stones” by Annabel Carey which I consider to be one of the most important exhibitions of recent years.. Further details of each of these outstanding artists can be found elsewhere on my website.

Also on this website I am including details of the composer Graham Whettam who, along with his wife Janet, became a close friend during the last years of his life in Gloucestershire.  Sadly Graham has joined a large band of "forgotten" composers whose music is rarely, if ever, heard and in my limited way I am endeavouring to rectify this.   Further details of my efforts can be found on Graham's page. 

As a music graduate who has been involved in the arts since my earliest years my past experience includes a post as Director of Music in a public school, with my teaching experience also including running a remedial English department in Liverpool, and working with modern dance. I have also been proprietor of a music shop, have composed music for the theatre, and have contributed to the work of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, both as Chairman of the local centre and on the Executive Committee. For many years I sang with the Three Choirs Festival Chorus and until recently continued to sing with a small chamber choir. I am now largely focused on running two musical charities, although art and poetry continue to feature when time allows.

My present roles include that of Chairman of the historic Gloucester Music Society, which presents a wide variety of music, and is well-known for featuring much English music, including many world premières. The Society celebrated its 90th birthday in 2019!  In addition I am a Vice President and Administrator of the Piano Trio Society as well as Editor of the Society’s Newsletter - another strand in a varied career!